Latin Percussion Ensembles/Rumba:

Los Curanderos – These Rumberos playing multiple conga parts while singing is what brought Los Curanderos together.  Performing all over the bay areas and downtown San Diego, these devoted musicians are the strongest link in their bands.  And yet have the time to give themselves a log session of Afro-Cuban grooves on the side.  Deriving from the south bay, Los Curanderos are playing with the highest quality musicians in the Latin scene.  Projecting their cowbells, chequeres and congas, these split up ostinato and poly rhythm patterns fused with African, Spanish and Aztec/Mayan flavor has never failed their audience.  Giving them the fullest sounding Rumbas in Southern California.  We hope you enjoy our site and come visit us frequently


Latin Jazz:

Cacique – We just love to jam!  Brass, woodwinds, piano!!  Choose the instrumentation of your choice!  We have plenty of Latin Funk, standers and solos to go all around!!



Stranger –

Based out of the south bay of San Diego, neighboring the highest crossed border in the world, STRANGER is turning heads through multicultural and musical diversity with a soulful blend of reggae roots, rock and jazz combined with conscious lyrics and unparalleled musicianship. The name says it all: STRANGER does not fit into a mold. Even from the inception of the group, its diverse mixture of influences set the band apart from the other acts in the reggae genre and led to the band’s mysterious, yet creatively appropriate name. The band formed at Southwestern Community College in Chula Vista as a nameless four-piece act consisting of guitar, hand drums, vocals and bass. After only a few short months the boys recorded their first demo consisting of 10 original songs which led to the “STRANGER EP” in 2004 including longtime fan favorites “Woodlands”, “Hometown” and “My Life”. Over the next 3 years the band recorded two full-length albums, “Life Lessons” and Shelter from the Storm”, building their San Diego fan base with sold-out shows and an impact on the Hawaiian Islands with radio and fan favorites “Like a Dream” and “Tomorrow Never Comes”. STRANGER released the album “World Underground” at HOB San Diego in July of 2011 and followed up with the EP release “Above it All” at HOB San Diego in January of 2013.

Touted as San Diego’s #1 Reggae Band, and winning the Best World Music category at the San Diego Music Awards in 2009, STRANGER is an up-and-coming force, not only with its multifaceted audio recordings, but also because of the bands stellar and amazingly versatile live performances that have constantly thrilled fans in both the US and abroad.  Visit us @:

• David Ornelas: Lead Vocals
• Daniel Montgomery: Guitar
• Arthur Tilley: Bass and Vocals
• Nolan Clark: Drums
• Chris Morris: Keys and Vocals
• Aaron Hudson: Saxophones and Vocals
• Don Carter: Trumpet and Trombone
• Felix Sierra: Trumpet and Vocals
• Juan Sanchez: Latin Percussion