Juan Sanchez Music offers a growing variety of musical classes and styles.  Feel free to tour our website and enjoy our music video clips.  Juan Sanchez Music has 20 years serving San Diego professionally.  We represents some of the finest and upcoming musicians and performers in Southern California.  We invite you to enjoy our Latin style entertainment!  Select the right mood for your next event, from Latin Jazz, Rumba to the full blown Hip-Hop sounds with live congas, timbales and many Latin percussion instruments!!  We have already provided talent for many successful events such as stadiums, family events, corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, night clubs and dance classes. For more about the groups we represent, click here.


Juan Sanchez’s was born in San Diego in a musically inclined family.  His career as a performer began at the age of two in his mother’s Mexican ballet folkloric dance troupe, the “Children’s Cultural Center Ballet Xochitl”.  Juan grew up in Chula Vista and always enrolled in all the music and art classes.  Surrounding him-self by musicians and artists.  At 17, while still in high school, Juan became a professional musician when he auditioned and was selected as one of the top two percussionists in the San Diego County for the Sea World’s “Sea Stars” band.  During this time he was instructing several high school drum-lines.  He continued to work during the summer in Sea World’s entertainment department for 2 years.  Opening up for Sea World’s Shamu and Ski Show.  Later he auditioned and was accepted to the SDSU music program.  Juan continued to becoming drum section leader for the Marching Aztecs, while simultaneously performing and touring with a Scottish pipe band called the “Cameron Highlanders”.  During the summer for 2 years he would commute to Anaheim Los Angeles California drumming with the Velvet Knights Drum and Bugle Core under the direction of Tom Float, former instructor and arranger for the Blue Devils.  Later that year with Paul Rennick instructor and arranger from Phantom Regiment and Santa Clara Vanguard.  The pioneers of international rudimental drumming and the contributers of hybrid rudiments.  It was also at SDSU, under the direction of Mark Lamson, where Juan began his study on Latin percussion. In 2004, he founded the longest running Afro-Cuban Drumming program in San Diego at the World Beat Cultural Center.  In 2006, Sanchez travelled to Cuba where he was formally introduced to Afro-Cuban music with Pepito Fernandez, a local rumbero from the Calljon de Jamel.

Sanchez is grateful for his roles as a musician and instructor.  He performs regularly in the Latin and Reggae scene in Southern California and Mexico.  In addition to teaching Latin percussion, Juan has worked with various high and middle school drumlines in the South Bay.  For Sanchez, music is his life and the path he has chosen to express himself.  He is quoted as saying: “I’m my own worst critic.”  He is easily inspired by everyone and everything and is a student of life.

*Danced Ballet Folkloric up to age 8
*Section leader for Chula Vista jr. Drumline 8th and 9th grade year
*Section leader for Chula Vista High Drumline for 11th and 12th
*2nd Place out of 24 Bands in Air Band in county in 1994
*Coached Bonita Vista High’s Drumline in 1993-1994
*Member of the Sea World Sea Star band in 1993 – 1995
*Top 15 Snare Drummers for Velvet Knights Drum and Bugle Core in 1993-1994
*Marched with SDSU Marching Band in 1994-1996
*Section leader for SDSU Drumline and wrote Percussion pieces for field shows 1995-1996
*Marched with Scottish Pipe Band Cameron Highlanders in 1994-1996
*Coached Castle Park Middle’s Drumline in 1996-1997 and wrote percussion scores
*Coached Castle Park High’s Drumline in 1997-1998 and wrote the opener for their field show
*Coached at Chula Vista High Drumline 2000
*Coached percussion class at SDSCPA 2001
*Wrote and Directed the Music Score for the theatrical play “A Tempest” 2003
*Pit Musician in the Danny Valdez Production “Elena” 2003
*Pit Musician in Bill Virchis “La Pastorela” 2003
*Traveled to Cuba in 2006
*Currently performing at Boder X Brewery with Bill Caballero’s Latin Jam Sessions Thursday nights
*Currently Music Director of Latin Percussion Ensemble Los Curanderos
*Currently Teaching at the World Beat Center Advanced Latin percussion Thursdays 6:45pm – 7:45pm
*Currently Conguero for San Diego’s all time favorite Reggae band – Stranger

Studied with:

Tom Float, Paul Rennick, Henry Stoker, Matt Armstrong, Malcolm Rosenburger, Erick Mabrey, Hamish, Brian Cabrerra, Mark Lamson, Mike Lang, Willy Negron, Nana Asiedu, Tommy Aros, Kiko Cornejo, David “la mole” Oritz, Charlie Chavez, Pablito “el indio” Rosario, Juan Carlos Blanco, Georgie Padilla, Emilio Camacho, Pepito Fernandez (in Cuba), Tomas “Tomasito” Cruz and Jose Luis “Changuito” Quintana.